Solution Development

KEREM Solutions Co., Ltd. offered various system solutions in medical, nursing care, education, entertainment and others. By meeting and discussing with people in such fields and industries, we learned many things of actual field requirements and got hint of pioneering advanced computer science and technology. They were reflected in KEREM's R&D projects. All the projects were inspired by FACTS of customers, application fields and industries. Click (1) and (2) for more details.

(1) New Information Stations
New Information Stations from WebPad to Super Computer based on advanced comcepts, intelligent I/O deivces, idea rich equipment were developed in KEREM's device development center, and Mktg/Services were done in Solution Development Center in Tokyo. They were offered as key components of systems of specific solutions.We also realized customers' specific requirements.

(2) People Friendly System Solutions
Today's System Solutions are very "FAT" and NOT People Friendly, also does NOT satisfy customers' true requirements. And they are very expensive. Some of them are designed as NOT Opened Systems. And resultantly poor functionality but very expensive cost are brought. KEREM offered Reasonably Designed and Low Cost High Function System Solutions from very small to big scale based on True Opened Architecture, Distributed Data Base Structure and Industry Standard Components.

Our offering solutions are for people's happy and peaceful life. We limit our technology offering to application area that does contribute to such human life. Our R&D in edge fields of computer science and technology must be applied in the area too.

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