MKTG Services : Japan Market Waits for Your Coming!

We can help you by our value added MKTG services, if you wish to sell your products in Japan market. The success in Japan market means THE SUCCESS IN THE WORLD!, Our company is NOT a mere sales representative to you, but a powerful accelerator of MKTG to sell your products in Japan market. Products area of our services are in PC, PC peripherals, electronic components, semiconductor devices, wireless, communication and network, software, MM-contents, system solutions, comsumer electronics, audio, ecology and energy, IP and many others.

The major functio of the services is to help you to design and manufacture your products that satisfy Japan market and customer.

Japan Market waits for your coming!

Our services are coonsistent of the following steps.

(1) Markettability Evaluation of your products
(2) Suggestion of Design and Specification
(3) Suggestion of Quality
(4) Implementation Support
(5) Representative Sales Activity
(6) Shipping to Japan Customers

Please remember the fact that Custyomer Satisfaction (CS) is the key for your great success. It is the Core of Market Driven Principles.

The "Japan Market" waits for your coming!

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