New R&D Report from Dr. Ohsaki's Licensing Firm

NanoProcessor Laboratories Corporation is an advanced computer science and technology company doing research and development in area of new materials, new semiconductor devices, mathematic logical operation, data processing of compression and encryption, wireless communication, their applications and business models by information technology based on our intellectual property and the knowledge that we have developed over the years. We intend to establish a portfolio of recurring revenue streams by licensing these intellectual properties to others. We have built an extensive intellectual property portfolio.

We are pleased to license our technologies to information technology, application products and service companies and other industries in the world. Recently we focus onto "Creation of New Concepts" in many field based on Dr. Ohsaki's wide experiences and achievements. The concepts are clear and sepcific from mathematical physics and information/communication theory stand points. The heart of the concepts is our invented unique principle, algrithm and architecture based on theoretical study and real experiences by Dr. Ohsaki. They are our intellectual properties. Very valuable and important concepts are described in each entitled documents in below. All of them are protected by Copyright Law. Abstracting is permitted with credit to the source. Libraries are permitted to photocopy. Any industrial use of our concepts including modification of any part of them without licensing or permission by us are strictly prohibited.

Japanese List

Core Technology Concepts

Very High Density 3-Dimensional Lamination Flash Memory Structure

Super Body Effected DRAM Cell Structure (No Capacitor DRAM)

Single Poly Pure CMOS (SIPPOS) EEPROM and Neural Transistor

Intelligent Super Vision Chip Architecture

Intelligent Massive Parallel Processing Architecture

Ultra Low Speed Clocking Data Processor

MPEG2 Encodring, Decoding and Muxing Algorithm

<Communication, Networked Computing>
Applications of Ultra Low Power Consumption Narrow Band Wireless Communication

Ultra Low Power Consumption Narrow Band Wireless Communication

N Gbps Equivalent Lossless Compressed and Short Delay Video Data Wireless Transmission by VHF Band

Quasi Synchronization of Huge Number of PCs on WWW for Super Grid Computing

<Aritificial Intelligence>
Super Agent on Network

<Data Security, Encryption, Secured System>
Absolute Clock Time Generation Based Unbreakable Data Encryption

Application Concepts

<Processor, Boards>
Single Chip Burner Controller for Water Heater Equipment

Very Stable Rb OSC Based Motherboard for PC Products

<Data Transmission, Communication, Networked Computing>
USB Wireless Adapter of 3 Gbps Equivalent Lossless Compressed and Short Delay HDTV Data Transmission by VHF Band

Very High Speed (N Gbps) Contnts On Demand (COD) System in Mall

Very High Speed (N Gbps) Downloadable Si A/V Portable Player

Auto-Aligned Optical Connection for Very High Speed Data Transferring

New TV Commercial Multi-Casting System Based on Customers' Interests

IP Phone Wireless Adapter for PDA and Cellular Phone in Office/Home

<Data Security, Encryption, Secured System>
AND/OR Functional Bio-Data (Like Finger Print etc) Based Data Protection

Secured Networking by Hybrid PC Configuration and Devices of Anti-Virus and Data Encryption/Decryption

Anti-Virus Reconfigurable Engine Embedded Broad-Band Router

Anti-Virus Evaluation Method onto Internet Distributed Video Stream Data

<Health Care>
Sensing System Integrated Bathtub for Human Health Care

Sensing System Integrated Mat for Human Health Care

<Intelligent Monitoring>
Intelligent Super Vision Camera for Safety, Security and Health Care

<Audio and Video>
PC Centric Home A/V System

Listening Room Sound Playback by Headphone Type Portable Audio Player

WebPad Based Learning System by Downloadable Contents in Flash Memory "Again and

Again Learning" for Children (WebPad and Software)

New Game Software for Aged People (Software)

Synchronized Retouching of Grouped Photo Images (Software)

Accessibility Level Controlled PC Usability Enhancement Method

Configuring Secured PC, Implementing Remote Maintenance and Remote Software Installation Based on the Above Method

Business Model Concepts
Remote PC Maintenace & Software Installation Services for Beginners

Contents Charger to Mobile AV Player

Very High Speed (N Gbps) Downloading Services (Audio/Video) in Mall

Monitoring of Health Care/Home Safety&Security and Emergency Control Services

Inforamation Services by Cellular Phone in Shielded Space

Very Reliable Encrypted Data Safekeeping Services

Small Volume Publication of Contents (Book/Music/Video/others) on WWW

Activation of Old Shopping Square by Unique Products and Information Services

Intelligent Powered Investment Method

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