Licensing Business of Our IP

Our "Idea and Concepts" in computer science and technology are licensed to companies that can be our business partners. There are various kinds of licensing, exclusive or general. In special cases our IP could be sold to our customers. We offer Sprouting IP that have big power of growth in actual application and business, and that are certified by mathematical and physical scientific theory. Our "Idea and Concepts" have power of sprouting.

.The above picture shows small Redwood trees of 5 or 6 centimeter high sprouted from tiny seeds. The Redwood grows so high as 100 meter in hundreds years. The small Redwood sprout has great power of growth. Our IP is just like so. Based on our IP, our clients can realize advanced MPU, communication SOC, new function devices, application products, business solutions and others. NPL/KEREM is the only one Japanese high-tech venture company that has capability to create new "idea and concepts".

Ask us unique IP for your success in business!