Joint Creation of New Business (JCNB)

This is more than consulting services. Our company and yours are to jointly create New Business.

Based on our experiences and unique IP, we are developing New and Innovative Projects which enpower your company's business by creating new fields of market in the world. If you are interested in our services, we can present you our idea and concept to create new business, and finalize a very detailed plan with you, and organize a team to implement the innovative project. The team is by your people and ours. We cowork with you and supervise at many levels of R&D, Mfg, PA&QA, and Mktg under an agreement for the projects. And we challenge and achieve Joint Creation of New Business with you.

If you are searching new business opprotunities, please contact us immediately.

<Flow of JCNB>
Basically the flow of JCNB is as follows.
(1) Defining Innovative Projects for New Business
(2) Presentation and Discussio
(3) Organizing A Team
(4) Implementation of R&D
(5) Manufacturing
(6) Product Assurance and Quality Assurance
(7) Mktg Process

Based on our experiences and unique IP, we develop New and Innovative Projects which conmduct to new business, new industry, and market. Also based on your request, we can define specific innovative projects for you. Your business will be greatly boosted by our support. The projects are related with Advanced Computer Science and Technology. Basically we are responsible to Basic concept and IP. And we focus onto steps (1) - (3), however, deeply supervise (4) - (7) in which you do accomplish your great role based on the defined project plan.

<Defining Innovative Projects>

<Presentation and Discussion>

<Organizing A Team>

<Implementation of R&D>


<Product Assurance and Quality Assurance>

<Mktg Process>

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