History of Dr. Ohsaki's High-Tech Venture Companies

The roots of Dr. Ohsaki's high-tech venture companies are OKI laboratory and IBM laboratories where he serviced for many years and learned many things. All the jobs done there were planned, initiated and implemented by him. So, there are many world first fruits, 20GHz 500Mbps/ch Wireless Communication System, Very High Speed Microwave Phase Modulator by Junction Diode, Hetero Junction FET, 64Kbits-DRAM, Thermal Conduction Module Technology for 308x, 5550 Workstation, JX Personal computer, 1Mbits-SDRAM, Plasma Display Controller, Low Power Technology, ThinkPad, Multi-Media ThinkPad, Sigle Poly Pure CMOS EEPROM, New FPGA, PowerPC, Super Vision Chip, Intelligent Massive Prallel Processing, Data Processing & Control Algorithms, Their Related Micro-codes & Software, and many others including various business models. And hence Dr. Ohsaki's high-tech venture companies are full of the same spirit of pioneering NEW things of Computer Science and Technology.

(1st) Digital Media Lab Corp. (DML) in IBM Yasu Shiga Japan and VisionTech in Israel
(2nd) Kerem Solutions Co. Ltd. in Ritto Shiga Japan
(3rd) NanoProcessor Laboratories Corp. in Ritto Shiga Japan

Digital Media Lab Corp. and VisionTech (1995-1998)

//March 1995 : Dr. Katsuhiko Ohsaki resigned IBM, the director of Advanced System R&D in the New Information Infrastructure.
Prior to the resignation, he visited Mr. Okawa's office in Ark Hill's Tower near IBM Japan's headquarters in Roppongi Tokyo for requesting investment to his new high-tech projects. It was in the December 1994. Mr. Okawa was very impressed with his presentation and professional career, also his enthusiasm of pioneering new technology in japan.
(1) Realization of Dr. Ohsakifs invented new MPU architecture
-------->To develop World First Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder for next generation multimedia business
(2) Development of multi-media technology
-------->To develop A World Standardized New Game and Internet Appliance Machine
-------->To develop An Architecture of Common Platform Machine for Future Game Industry
-------->To establish An Infrastructure of Internet Contents Based Computing for business, education, entertainment and others
(3) Implementation of e-commerce on Internet
-------->To inplement distribution and selling of Video, Music, PC Software contents on Internet
(4) Investment to high-tech venture companies in Israel and Cooperation with them

-------->To coworking in new application area, systems, devices, software and others
On the spot, Mr. Okawa promised and committed to suport his new projects to be started in April 1995.

//April 1995 : Established a high-tech venture company, gDigital Media Lab. Co. Ltd.h (R&D 23MUS$)
Dr. Ohsaki as Senior Vice President, CTO, Director of R&D Center, President by the late Mr. Keizo Fujimoto, Chairman by late Mr. Isao Ohkawa (CEO & President of CSK and Sega)

//November 1995 : Established a high-tech venture company, gVisionTech,h in Israel.
Application of Dr. Ohsakifs invented new MPU architecture to Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder with DML.
Protecting Dr. Ohsaki's IP.
Joint development scheme between DML in Japan and VisionTech in Israel for protecting Dr. Ohsaki's IP from Contested Takeovers by external companies under the condition of 50%&50% equal right of developed IP. All the money for R&D was transfered from DML. If something happens onto Mr. Okawa (He was an aged man.), there could be definite risk of takeover of my compnay of DML. Even if DML is taken, Dr. Ohsaki can continue his R&D by VisionTech in Israel

Dr. Ohsaki achieved the objectives as planned with support by Mr. Okawa and Mr. Fujimoto. The biggest success was the World First Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder.

//August 1997 : Succeeded in the world first Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder, Shinano/Vision10.

Mr. Bill Gates of MicroSoft visited DML Tokyo Office to see the demonstration of Dr. Ohsaki developed the World First Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder in December 1997. The demonstration affected his strategy of MediaPlayer in the Windows products. Also a newly developed game and IA platform machine, "DreamCast" was demonstrated. We highlighted the game software development environment and utilization of Windows SDK. Dr. Ohsaki believes that such discussuin stimulated Mr. Gates' thinking about his future business strategy.

For this project the people of teams, DML, VisionTech, Yasu Lab. and Application Design of IBM Yasu Japan, ASIC group of IBM Burlington and others coworked enthusiastically.

//December 1995 - 1997 : Dr. Ohsaki developed an architecture of very powerful Game and Internet appliance platform machine for wide applications of business, education, entertainment and others. His advanced architecture and hardware concepts were introduced to major game machine comapnies in Japan, and joint creation of such a standardized platform machine was strongly proposed.

But unfortunately major game companies were negative. They wanted to have their own hardware. They did not understand the importance of game software at all. His concepts were realized partially in his supervised machines, Bandai-Apple's "Pippin" and Sega's "DreamCast".

Dr. Ohsaki expected Mr. Bill gates to break the barrier in the game industry at that time of 1998~. And he predicted that the architecture of near future Game/IA/STB would be almost same as his defined one in December 1994. Now in 2006 that is fullfilled in SONY's Nitendo's and MicroSoft's new coming machines. Their processors are being developed in IBM based on the Dr. Ohsaki's MPU architecture proposed in 1995.

Dr. Ohsaki's DML was ONLY ONE Japanese high-tech venture company that realized a very complicated micro processor like a single chip MPEG2 encoder. In Japan it is very difficuly for a high-tech venture company to continue to exist. This Japan's situation is a great contrast to US' . So may innovations that are greatly affecting IT industry were and are created by venture companies in US. Truely in Japan,. Dr. Ohsaki's DML was the FIRST venture company that had enough capability to create advanced MPU.

<<Polytical Takeover Happened>>
Under direction of people moved from "Nomura Securities Company", Japanese and Israeli engineers and staffs betrayed Dr. Ohsaki by money. Dr. Ohsakifs VisionTech and his IP were overtaken and stolen. And sold to a big communication technology company, Boradcom in US by
800MUS$ in Fall 2000.

It was the end of 1995 and early 1996 that some dirty and lowdown people of top management of the Nomura Securities Compnay moved to CSK of Mr. Okawa to avoid arresting due to their illegal dealing. At that time many top management people of Nomura were arrested. Among them a very crazy man (ex-SVP of Nomura) was. His name is "A1". He focused onto my company's projects and planned to takeover them in some day. First he tried to exile the president of my company DML, Mr. Fujimoto, to control the company. Also strong relationship between Mr. Okawa and Dr. Ohsaki was gradually affected by A1's intentional misleading reports. However, Dr. Ohsaki fighted aginst A1, and proceeded his projects eliminating A's disturbances. In August 1996, Mr. Fujimoto resigned SVP of CSK and President of DML at last.

A1 and others sent someone to Israel to investigate my company, VisionTech. It was the end of 1996. It was the first contact with my people in Israel. A1 tried to let them betray Dr. Ohsaki. Almost engineers in my VisionTech were just new graduated from mainly Israel Institute of Technology, and I teached and trained them VLSI architecture, basic circuits, micro-code, design methodology and actual implementation preparing expensive VLSI design systems. Such training was a tough job. And Dr. Ohsaki conducted the development of the World First Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder "Shinano/Vision10" with assistance of IBM (Yasu Lab., Application Design of IBM Yasu Japan, ASIC group of IBM Burlington)

In CSK, A1 was expanding his power by sucking up to Mr. Okawa by intentional reporting. At that time, Mr. Okawa was seriously sick. For A1, it was very easy to control overall CSK, and tried to get Dr. Ohsaki's DML. Until the success of Dr. Ohsaki's World First Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder "Shinano/Vision10", A1 kept silence and the secret deal with engineers including SVP in VisionTech was sealed. After great effort, Dr. Ohsaki succeeded in the World First Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder, Shinano/Vision10 in August 20, 1997. Concurrently Dr. Ohsaki was negotiating with potential customers of his new chip and follow-on chips, Texas Instruments, Motrola, Sum Microsystems, IBM, Intel, Kodak and many others. It seemed that Dr. Ohsaki got off to a good start.

In the biginning of 1998, key persons in VisionTech in Israel already betrayed Dr. Ohsaki and took A1's side by power of money. A1 got everything, architecture, design, circuits, microcodes, applications, documents, facility and samples. Mr. Okawa could not control CSK and Dr. Ohsaki's DML because of his heavy sickness. The actual investor to the company DML was Mr. Okawa, but A1 got the power and authorization to control Dr. Ohsaki's DML from Mr. Okawa. Mr. Okawa has already lost his grip. It was the start of a political war. Not only Israel staffs, but also Japanese betrayed Dr. Ohsaki. Money has a strong power to control people's heart. How thankless they were! All of them were hired, well trained as VLSI engineers, given the best opportunity of the World First Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder development by Dr. Ohsaki.

Dr. Ohsaki left his DML and VisionTech in July 1998. A1 and betrayed engineers tried to fullfill Dr. Ohsaki's defined technologu loadmap. They call some chips as "Kfir". Anyway enerything was based on Dr. Ohsaki's works.

In Fall 2000, a big communication technology company, Boradcom in US bought Dr. Ohsaki's technology and VisionTech by 800MUS$. No money was for the inventor, Dr. Ohsaki. But technically, Dr. Ohsaki satisfies with the success of the World First Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder.

However, through Broadcom Company, Dr. Ohsaki's IP is world-widely being used in many HDD/DVD Recorders, STB products, Camcoders, Industry Profressional products and others.

Especially digital video processor chip based on Dr. Ohsaki's IP of advanced video codec (HQ Filtering, MPEG2 Eencoding, Decoding, Audio Processing, Muxing and Format Conversion) is the heart of HDD/DVD Recorder products, and so huge number of chips are used in such products for digital TV.

Technology and Management Consultant (1998-2000)

//August 1998 : Dr. Ohsaki redefined his R&D projects doing following jobs
Basic research in Computer Science and Technology
and New System Solutions,

concurrently consulting (ASCII, Ikegami, Melco, JVC, Optibase, Acer, LG, Samsung, Paloma, BS and others). Dr. Ohsaki did great contributions to his client companies. He conducted both of new product planning and implementation of R&D/Mfg/Mktg of new products, and was honored with many NO.1 Awards of PC related products and with Japan government certificattion of "Good Design". His consulting field was very wide from IT industry (LCD device, PC related, industry specials, software, solutions, business models) to energy related. His project was selected as Japan government authorized one with budget support for R&D
in new gas appliance products.

Kerem Solutions Co. Ltd. (2001-2005)

//January 2001 : An IP management company, gKEREM Science International Corp.h was established.

//August 2002 : Established another high-tech venture company, KEREM Solutions Co. Ltd.
KEREM Solutions' projects are cerfiticated and authorized by Japan Law of Technology Creation (December, 2002) and also by Law of Area Industry Integration and Activation (February, 2003). Also KEREM Solution is granted to open its Laboratory in Shiga government Institute of Technology (April, 2004). The project was granted with budget support of R&D by Japan government.

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Headquarter Office in Misono Ritto Shiga
Research Center in Ono Ritto Shiga
Device Development Center in Government Institution Bldg. in Ritto Shiga
Solutions Development Center in Kanda Tokyo

// January through August 2005 : A group of confederacy of thieves for high-technology information, idea, products, documents tried to take over KEREM Solutions Co., Ltd. Their purpose was to rob KEREM's very important technologies by political and illeagal attacking against us. They tried to do kidnapping Dr. Ohsaki for his idea in his brain by four times. Dr. Ohsaki, his people and their family were placed under seriously dangerous situation. In the end of May one of the mafia group has committed assult against Dr. Ohsaki, and he seriously wounded. This crime was conducted by the mafia group in Japan for their specific client in an Asia country that wanted to get KEREM's technology of Ultra Low Power Consumption Wireless Communication (Software Radio) and its applications to Ubiquitous Computing. But they totally failed at all!

// Dr. Ohsaki decided to separate the R&D activity of advanced computer science & techlnology, and established a private company by new name of "NanoProcessor Laboratories Corporation" (NanoProcessor Lab. or NPL in short) for the purpose. NPL is doing business of core R&D and licensing. KEREM is doing bisiness of System Solutions, Consulting, and Other Services.

NanoProcessor Laboratories Corp. (2005-)

//May 2005 : Re-establishment of the companyby the new name of "NanoProcessor Laboratories Corporation (NPL)".

Basically everything is unchanged
. However, NPL focuses onto innovative "Idea and Concepts" of new computer science and technology area much more. They are verified from mathematical and physical theory stand point. We are licensing our IP of such advanced "Idea and Concepts". You can see our "Idea and Concepts" through the first page

The details of achievements and on-going R&D projects in Kerem Solutions and NanoProcessor Laboratories are described in your visitingt Home Page. Please travel in this site. You will find many interesting things.