Founder : Dr. Katsuhiko Ohsaki

KEREM Solutions Co., Ltd. was established in August 2002 by Dr. Katsuhiko Ohsaki. The professional career of Dr. Ohsaki is summarized below.

1971 : Joined OKI Research Laboratory, and engaged in R&D of 20GHz Wireless 500Mbps PCM System, Ultra High Speed Devices of GaAs, Si PIN, Hetero-Junction FET, Very High Speed Logic CKTs, Coding and Decoding, and Mathematical Science.

1977 : Joined IBM Corp, and at Burlington, Poughkeepsie, East Fishkill, Fujisawa, Yamato, Yasu Laboratories and Advanced System Development of NII, engaged in Si material science, new structured devices, reliability physics concurrently with development of various world first VLSIs including 64KDRAM, NC-DRAM (No Capacitor DRAM), 1MSDRAM, LPDRAM, Single Poly Pure CMOS EEPROM, Thermal Conduction Module, Analog, Analog&Digital Mixed, PRDF Signaling, DRAM Mixed MPU, Self Learning MPU, 486 Compatible MPU with ASYNC Feature, PowerPC, Intelligent Massive Parallel MPU, FPGA, Intelligent Super Vision Chip and others.

Concurrently engaged in development of number of information products, Japanese Work Station 5550, Personal Computer JX, Portable PC of PS/2-P70&75. Also pioneered and conducted Low Power Technology R&D, its applied Chip Sets development and systemization for IBM ThinkPad (N51SX, N51SLC, N27SX, ThinkPad 700, ThinkPad 700C, ThinkPad 720C), and established the strong Brand of IBM ThinkPad with great contribution to IBM business.

<<The True Story of IBM ThinkPad : 1988-1993>> (Click this line for details)

Also engaged in R&D of video compression & decompression technology, encryption technology, their applied systems of VOD, contents distribution, multi-media ThinkPad, multi-media KIOSK station, e-commerce and others. Dr. Ohsaki recommended Lawrence J. Ellison to expand old DB to MultiMedia DB for e-Commerce, he was so impressed and moved in 1993-1994.

1995 : Resigned IBM position of the director of Advanced System Development in the New Information Infrastructure Division under the president of IBM Japan, and established his own High-Tech Venture Companies for R&D in Computer Science and Technology.
//April 1995 : "Digital Media Laboratory Co., Ltd."
//August 1995 : "Optibase Ltd." in Israel
//November 1995 : Private Company "VisionTech" in Israel
//January 2001 : "KEREM Science International Corp."
//August 2002 : "KEREM Solutions Co., Ltd."

Dr. Ohsaki's achievements since 1995 are simply described below.


1995 : Mission of KEREM/DML/VisionTech defined.
1995 : ASYNC Multi-RISC MPU Architecture for Image Processing developed.
1995 : NewPC Architecture and Chip Set specifications developed. Integration of PC and game machine, Breaking of Wintel Rule, On-demand-Application Services by BB Network
1996 : Multi-media e-Commerce on Internet developed.
1996 : World first IA station (ISDN based, TV-phone)
1996 : Supervised gPippinh of Bandai.
1996 : Developed Professional MPEG2 Real Time Codec.
1997 : Succeeded in world first Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder, Shinano.
1997 : Developed world first MPEG2 Encoding Professional Video Camcorder (HDD Recording).
1997 : Developed 3-Dimensional MPEG2 Codec System.
1998 : Supervised gDream Casth of SEGA Enterprises.
1998 : Developed MPEG2 Based Highway Traffic Monitoring System.

Bil Gates visited Dr. Ohsaki and he was suggested to implement MultiMedia technology, especially motion picture, API in Windows products and also expand Microsoft business toward Game area in 1997, one year before GA of Sega's Dreamcast, because Dr. Ohsaki hated politics "game" by CSK (Aozono) and Sega.

1998 : Developed world first Intelligent Super-Vision Chip and Recognition Algorithm.
1998 : Developed Event Recognition Intelligent Super-Vision Camera.
1999 : Developed Intelligent Massive Parallel Processing MPU Architecture.
1999 : Developed IMPP Job Flow Control Methods.
1999 : Developed IMPP JFC Algorithm.
2000 : Developed Single Chip MPEG2 Codec, gShinano IIh for home digital video.
2000 : IP of the Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder gShinanoh was sold as a result of political M&A.
2001 : Studied High-Speed Wireless Communication.
2001 : Developed Single Chip Burner Controller Architecture.

2001 : Developed NIS, gNetTravelerh.
2002 : Developed NIS, gNetCruiserh.
2002 : Defined Various Solutions Using NIS.
2002 : Started R&D of Ultra Low Power Consumption Wireless Communication (ULPCWC).
2002 : ULPCWC technology is cerfiticated and authorized by Japan Law of Technology Creation.
2003 : Started Intelligent Ubiquitous Computing
2003 : ULPCWC based Ubiquitous Computing is certificated and authorized by Japan Law of Area Industry Integration and Activation.
2003 : ULPCWC related projects were granted with budget support of R&D by Japan government.
2003 : Developed NIS, gNetCruiser MKIIh.
2004 : KEREM Solution is certificated to open its Laboratory in Shiga government Institute of Technology (as Device Development Center).
2004 : Developed IMPP Super Computers for Designing Ultra Low Power Wireless Communication SOC of Ubiquitous.
2004 : Developed Medical Test Data Mgr, gTest Masterh, and Hospital Information System,
2004 : Developed NursingHome DB Mgr, gCare Masterh, and Care Home Information System.

For more details and that from 2005, please refer to other pages of "History of Dr. Ohsaki's High-Tech Venture Companies", "Focused R&D Area", "On-Going R&D Projects", "New R&D Report" and others.

He is a member of IEEE, New York Academy of Science, IEICE Japan, and also a member of various committees of human rights of his local government. He has published so many important papers and reports, and hold many innovative patents.