Focused R&D Area

1a:Advanced Processors
Intelligent Super-Vision Chip and Recognition Algorithms
ASYNC Multi-RISC Architecture MPU
IMPP Algorithms & Programming

1b:Software Radio (nano-Radio) Technology
Ultra Low Power Consumption & Wireless Communication Capable MPU
Sensor Network System
Intelligent Ubiquitous Computing (IUC)

1c:New Encryption Technology
No Key Required Encryption
Eigenvector Characterization of Bio-Metric Data

1d:Super Computer
Super Fortran
Maximization of Job Execution by
Dynamic Micro-code Loading

2a:NIS & IUC Solutions
New Information Infrastructure Station (NIS)
Powered by Intelligent Ubiquitous Computing (IUC)

2b:Solutions by NIS and IUC
Medical/Care/Health, Industry Solutions
Education/Home Support Solutions
New Wireless Infrastructure Solutions

2c:Advanced Medical Treatment Methods
Condition Sensing and Treatments
Implanted nano-Radio