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KEREM Solutions Co., Ltd.

Brief Story
After many yeears service in IBM, Dr. Ohsaki established High-Tech Venture companies, Digital Media Lab. Corp. (in IBM Yasu site) and VisionTech (in Israel) in 1995. Dr. Ohsaki continued study of various advanced microprocessors by unique architectures and NewPC (a new platform for gaming, entertainment and communication). Dr. Ohsaki was greatly succeeded in the world first Single Chip MPEG2 Encoder/Codec/Muxer and various Digital TV technology in 1997, however, Dr. Ohsaki's IP was sold to an US company by 800MUS$ (as a result of politics). Through the US company, Dr. Ohsaki developed technology of digital video, TV, and communication is licensed to many compnies of Digital TV, HDD/DVD Recorder, Handycam, Security, and Industrial Products in the world. Still Dr. Ohsaki continued R&D activity in information science and technology. In 1998 he proposed "Intelligent Software Radio" (today's Cognitive Radio) as a new microprocessor for wireless data communication. In 2001, Dr. Ohsaki established another High-Tech Venture company, KEREM Science International, and in 2002 KEREM Solutions Co., Ltd. to expand his R&D activity field. In KEREM, Dr. Ohsaki pioneered "Ultra Low Power Consumption Wireless Communication (Intelligent Software Radio) and its applications to Ubiquitous Computing and others (they were Japan government certificated and authorized projects)". They were certificated by Japan Government Law, Creation Law and Industry Activation Law in 2002 and 2003. The technology was very highlighted. And also concurrently various hardware and software components for system solutions in medical, healthcare, and education fields were developed. In 2005, Dr. Ohsaki separated the R&D activity of advanced computer science & techlnology, and established a private company by new name of "NanoProcessor Laboratories Corporation" (NanoProcessor Lab. or NPL in short) . NPL is doing business of core R&D and licensing. And KEREM is doing bisiness of System Solutions, Consulting, and Other Services.

Our Primary Mission
We are pioneering new edge of innovative computer science & technology, and creating "New Idea and Concepts"(IP). We changed our business from offering new products and services to offering our advanced and innovative IP to our clients. Based on Dr. Ohsaki's professional career in OKI Electric Laboratory (Japan), IBM Laboratories(US, Japan) and High-Tech Venture Companies of DML/Visiontech and KEREM, his achievements and wide experiences, NPL is doing R&D of New Scientific Information Theory, Data Intensive DSP, ASYNC Massive Paralell Processing, Intelligent Super Vision Processing, Software Radio, Ultra Low Power Wireless Communication of Very Long Distance, Ubiquitous Computing, Wide Area Sensor Networking System, NGbps Equivalent Lossless Compressed Wireless Data Transmission, Absolute Time Based Encryption for Data Security and their Advanced Algorithms are studied. Also we create quite new electronic components of Semiconductor, Display, Nano-Structure and DNA Devices. And KEREM proposes new applications and solutions by those technologies for Industries, Education, Health Care, Consumer and Entertainment including unique business models. Of course KEREM doed Dev/Mfg of new products and system solutions upon requests by our clients

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******* Business of NPL & KEREM *******

Licensing Business of Our IP (NPL)

Joint Creation of New Business (NPL)

System Components and Syatem Solutions (KEREM)

Environmental Technology Business (KEREM)

Technology Consulting (KEREM)

MKTG Services : Japan Market Waits for Your Coming! (KEREM)

******* Background *******

History of Dr. Ohsaki's High-Tech Venture Companies

Founder : Dr. Katsuhiko Ohsaki

To understand the character of our company, you should check major contributions by Dr. Ohsaki so far. You can download some pdf files. Click HERE!!!

******* Completed and On-Going Projects *******

Focused R&D Area (NPL)
Specific R&D Projects (NPL)

<<Computer Science & Technology (NPL)>>
** New Semiconductor Decice Structures **
======> 3D Structures
** New Processor Concepts **
======> Intelligent Massive Prallel Processing Unit
======> Intelligent Super Vision Chips
** New Communication Concepta **
======> Intelligent Wireless Communication (Cognitive Radio)
======> Ultra Low Power Wireless Radio SOC
======> 3~10Gbps Equivalent Lossless Compressed Wireless Data Transmission
** New Mathematical Algorithm Concepts **
======> IMPPU Data Processing
======> Vision Chip Algorithm
======> Low Power Wireless Communication Algorithm
======> Lossless Compressed Wireless Communication Algorithm
======> Encryption & Decryption
** New Information Infrastructure Concepts **
======> Mobile InfomationPad & Phone, Walking PC
======> Ubiquitous Computing
======> Super Grid Computing

<<Environmental Technology (KEREM)>>
======> High Efficient DC/DC Converter
======> Cooling System
======> High Efficient Utilization of Solar Panel

<<Advanced Solutions & Business Models (KEREM)>>
======> Industry : MFG Innovation by nanoRadio & Super Vision Chip
======> Medical : Advanced Medical Treatment and Health Care Systems
======> Medical : Advanced Medical Monitoring and Controls by nanoRadio
======> Agriculture : Advanced Vegetable & Fruits Growing
======> Traffic : Intelligent Transportation System by nanoRadio and Super Vision
======> City : Intelligent Guiding Floor and Street
======> Education : Intelligent Ubiquitous Computing in Schooling

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"KEREM" is a hebrew word, and its meaning "vine yard" that symbolizes rich productivity. We want to be productive in R&D of advanced computer science and technology, also of environmentak technology.

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