Technology Consulting

Besides of our R&D activity of advanced computer science and technology, KEREM and NPL have offered and are offering technology consulting services for various companies of computers, components, sub-systems, Audio/Video systems, information processing systems, industrial design and others in Japan, Israel, USA, Taiwan, Korea and China. Our services are very professional. Our objective is NOT issuing a report on a specific subject like technology trend, market analysis and survey, recommendation of company business etc, but enpowering the business of our client companies by our created new concepts and idea of products and services also by the implementation. Based on our deep and wide experiences and unique IP, we create and propose such new conepts, and develop new technology and prototype its applied new products and business models, then prepare volume production processes, quality control methods, also MKTG support for our client copmanies.

Followings are examples of our consulting services.

(01) MPEG2 Encoding and Application Systems (A Famous Professional Video Equipment Manufacturer, 1997)
Professional MPEG2 direct recoding video camera system, 3-D MPEG2 stream generation and contents mnagent system were developed by us to enhance applications of compressed video streams generated by our developed worls first single chip MPEG2 encoder "Shinano/Vision 10". High quality safety&security monitoring camera system based on MPEG2 was also developed.

(02) VOD on Internet (A Technology Company of Digital Video, 1998)
We proposed one of our clients to challenge MPEG2 streamer server for VOD services in advance. And we learned so many things on services of video contents, VOD business model, required infrastructure, multi-casting, uni-casting, rich contents, copy protection, copy right issue, and many others. The experiences at that time is very valuable in today's digital video service business.

(03) LCD Monitor Products (A Big PC Peripheral Products Manufacturer, 1999, 2000)
We conducted three model of 15" LCD monitor products. A model winned NO.1 Valuable Product Award from "DOS/V Magazine" (a famous PC magazine in Japan), another model winned NO.1 Award from "PC Users" (a famous PC magazine in Japan), and the third model also the same award. It was first time for the client to receive such awards.

(04) Low Flicker 15" LCD Panel Products (A LCD Panel manufacturer, 2000)
We conducted very low flicker (flickerless) LCD panel for high quality LCD monitor products in area of cell design, driving method, adjusting process and testing, recommendation to LCD monitor manufacturers.

(05) Industrial Design Capability (A Big PC Peripheral Products Manufacturer, 2000)
One of our client company was NOT a "Good Design" product manufacturer. And we established a new industrial design group in the company. Starting from wireless LAN AP product, we achieved the famous "Good Design Award" in Japan. It was the first time for the company to win such famous award in Japan.

(06) MPEG2 Encoder Board for PC (A Big PC Peripheral Products Manufacturer, 2000)
A hardware MPEG2 encoder board for PC was developed, and winned Most Valuable Product Award from "ASCII DOS/V Issue" (a famous PC magazine) and "DOS/V Magazine" (forementioned PC magazine)

(07) High Quality PC A/V System (A Major PC Audio Products Manufacturer, 2001)
We developed a very high grade Audio/Video Station based on PC that consists of Super High Grade DVD/CD Drive Unit, Sophisticated Digital Signaling (24 Bits Data Synthesis (A-CD : 8fs, 24Bits) 24 Bits PCM (A-DVD : 2fs, 24Bits), No Zero Crossing Distortion, Negative Impedance Circuit for SP Driving, 10 Bits/27.0MHz Video Signaling), New Speaker System (New Woofer Unit, Twin Woofer Driving), and Isolated Link with PC by Photo-coupling (USB for Station Control, IEEE1394 w/Card-BUS for Video Overlay on PC).

(08) Single Chip Burner Controller for Gas Appliance Equipment (A Big Gas Appliance Equipment Manufacturer, 2002)
We developed very advanced burner controllers for gas appliance products of consumers and industries by creating Single Chip Burner Controller of mixed technology, analog/digital, high integration, high voltage, high power. The chip contributed so greatly to realize sophisticated burner controlling. the resultant high burning efficiency, and networked functions for new applications. This project winned Japan government 2MUS$ budget support.

(09) Home Safety&Security System by Networked Burner Controller (same as above)
In a home number of gas appliance equipment of heating water supply (kitchen work, bathing/showering in a bathroom, floor heating), cooking, and air conditioning (heating and cooling). The control of gas burning is the core of such equipment. Our proposed single chip burner controller has enough capability to do information processing and networking. Using the functions, advanced and sophisticated home safety &security can be realized. Not only the condition of each gas appliance machine, but also safety&security in each room and garden area is easily monitored via Internet. By a mobile phone anybody can check his/her room situation, activate air conditioner, and prepare bathing. Also his/her pet can be seen on the phone.

(10) Medical Image Management (A X-ray Equipment Manufacturer, 2003)
We developed very OPEN System of medical images manager. It is truely DICOM independent system and resultant lower priced medical systsems can be constructed. DICOM standard defined by major medical equipment manufacturers in the world is just a kind of barrier for new comers that are challenging the standard. From hardware and OS stand point, all the components used in DICOM compliance systems are just same as widely used PC components. Only data handling at application level is different. And it is very closed minded. Hospitals and clinics are forced to buy very expensive medical systems by DICOM group manufacturers. We proposed truely OPENED and LOW COST medical systems.

(11) Nursing Home Care Support System (Medical System Integrators, 2003)
We developed care service support systems for nursing homes where various handicapped, aged and sicked people live. To offer very comfortable environemnt and care services, we conducted systems thay enable (1) monitoring and controlling the environment of such home by LonWorks networked various facilities , (2) monitoring health condition of each inpatient and timely care action, (3) watching location of each inpatient and helping without violation of his/her privacy.

(12) Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Web Based Monitoring System (A Major Medical Equipment Manufacturer, 2004)
In a hospital there are number of ICUs. We developed ICU Web Based Monitoring System by which all the monitoring data of any inpatient can be checked in any location in a hospital , nurse stations, doctor's rooms and other sites. By this system medical care for every inpaptient can be greatly improved.

(13) Wireless Linked Mobile Medical Station (same as above)
Medical staffs in a hospital are very busy. So frequently they must access PCs and/or stations of their medical inormation system to check their patients' and inpatients' medicak data. In this environment wireless linked mobile medical station is very valuable. Our lower power wireless communication technology does NOT affect any medical equipment in a hospital.

(14) Portable Super Computer (An Industry Computer Manufacturer, 2004)
Powerful computing machinea are needed in advanved R&D area. We developed rack mounted PC array type super computer and portable type. Our intelligent massive parallel processing architecture gives SUPER capability of computing.

(15) A/V Internet Center for Advanced Mobile Phone (A Mobile Phone Communicator, 2005)
We developed an ultimate concept of mobile phone centric Audio/Video/Internet services. A mobile phone' s display and data processing capability are too poor to access rich contents. A kind of Co-Processing unit of very light weighted PC is needed with XGA resolution, DVD playback, high quality sound and various INTF. This machine is linked with a mobile phone by Bluetooth or IR , and also with AP of wireless LAN.

(16) City-Info-Space by Ultra Low Power Consumption Wireless Communication (Government, 2005~)
This is some applications of our Ultra Low Power wireless communication Technology "nanoRadio".

(17) Nano-Probing Function Embedded Ultra Low Power Consumption Wireless SOC ( A Big Pharmaceutical Company, 2005)
Non-Linear complex impedance measurement by nano sized electrode array and its data processing on such SOC are useful to identify a specific material. Very advanced and new applications in medical treatment, bio-chemical, agriculture, environmental protection, and many others are realized.

(18) Reliability Physics (Various Companies, 1998~Present)
Reliability and functionality degragation mechanisms have been intensively studied in area of advanced semiconductor VLSIs, electric&electronic componets, mechanical devices based on theoretical and experimental modeling of the degradation for quality enhancement at product design phase. "Design Ground Rules" are defined. Finished products are also evaluated to measur their capabilities to meet the requirements of reliability and functionality.

You will be very satisfied with our excellent technology consulting services. We can help you to create new concepts, products, applications and solutions. Please contact us today!