On KEREM's Home Page (March 15, 2015)

An intentional disclosure, by which a high tech venture company is executing every kind of most advanced research and development in the home page or the specific contents and methods, also, it isn't a wise policy that even slightness spends an outcome personally. Investors who don't please and the persons approaching about a business tie-up and dealings who aim at high-tech matters are crowding. They slip into the inside the high tech venture company and do camouflage of the best friends and partners, and when having that, plagiarize the most important secret technology studied and developed entirely and go away. They're plagiarizing everything that they're a thief can cause a clever event and be close in its shadow, and without being completely attentioned. The author (Dr. Ohsaki, KEREM Founder, CEO/President) will write gradually about the their tricks and crimes.

Therefore the present home page of KEREM Corp. is kept by a condition in 2004, and it's intended, and it's being indicated this. Many KEREM projects of research and development in those days are novel and is the leading one doing ahead of the time sufficiently even now, the author is taking pride in. It has passed for no matter how many years, there are no cases that the achievemnts fade away.

KEREMのホームページについて (2015年3月15日)


故に、本KEREMの現ホームページは、2004年当時のままに保たれ、意図してそのように表示している。当時のKEREM研究開発プロジェクトは今でも十分に斬新であり、時代の先を行っている先駆的なものであると筆者(Dr.大崎、Founder, CEO/President)は自負している。何年経っても色あせる事が無い。

by Dr. Katsuhiko Ohsaki